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Distinctively Different

By Name and Last Name

Taking a fresh approach to construction is something that’s always going to be evolving along with the times. That’s one of the many exciting facets of this industry: it’s consistent, yet, innovative. Not just in the field and operations, but also within the company office.

Taking a fresh approach in construction is not limited to how we can construct the next project even better than before, but includes how we can cultivate a fresh outlook on company culture – in every realm.

Company Culture

The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. That’s one-third of your life! So, it makes sense that you would want to choose the best option for yourself on where you invest your time. That’s something Sun Valley Builders recognizes which we honor our employee’s work/life balance. Our pursuit of happiness within our company stems all the way back to our core values, which are the building blocks of who Sun Valley Builders is. We’re a Commercial General Contractor who has opportunities for both career growth and expansion. We support our team members by investing back, giving a margin in their lives. Not just at work, but at home too.

Core Values

The foundation of any company would be its “core values” – the characteristics a company will emanate. Over the course of almost 10 years, Sun Valley Builders has molded into the entity of a reliable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable GC. Let’s take a deep dive into who exactly SVB is…

Synergetic Long-Term Relationships.

A synergetic relationship stems from our team’s combined efforts to be greater than the sum of one to achieve a common goal. We implement this technique with all project team members by combining everyone’s strengths and unique traits to create a long-term relationship.

Vast Abilities to Support Commitments.

Throughout the State of Arizona, Sun Valley Builders currently has 50+ repeat clients. We thrive on local construction development and hire team members who have the same dedication to construction as we do. Our management style allows our clients to receive an individualized commitment from our project professionals.

Building Quality into the Next Generation. 

We remain committed to quality assurance from concept to project completion. We understand quality first by clearly understanding our client’s requirements and desires. We then build these requirements and desires into our project goals.

These core values are the building blocks of our unique relationship process. Our client relationships are built on trust by accomplished commitments. We know that synergy is the dynamic power in any successful project – we would not be able to do what we love if it weren’t for our amazing subcontractors, partners, and clients.

Fresh Approach

Our operations team is hands-on in all their projects. From the Project Manager to the Superintendent, we are fully assuring the project is moving along efficiently while never substituting quality in the process. We work hand-in-hand with our subcontractors, architects, and owners, staying well connected with our open line of communication. We also acknowledge the community members of all projects, as we are a Commercial General Contractor specializing in the K-12, Higher Education, and University sector. We know the community is a valuable key to what we do and why we love what we do. It’s exciting to build quality into the next generation for our community.

Spending one-third of your life somewhere is quite a commitment. It really is important you enjoy not only what you do, but where you invest your time and talent. That’s why company culture is a priority in how Sun Valley Builders operates. We don’t aspire to fit the modern company mold – no, we aspire to offer something not talked about enough; margin of time…