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Quarterly Newsletter

By Name and Last Name

Contracts awarded this year

Sun Valley Builders is proud to announce our award on multiple Job Order Contracts this year. Within our K-12 educational market we have been awarded the SAVE Job Order Contract 23-012-28 and the 1GPA Job Order Contract 23-15PV. We are honored to continue serving our clients and new Contract members. Our team cannot wait to be an additional aid for any general contracting services that might be needed over these next 5 years. In addition to our SAVE and 1GPA JOC contracts, Sun Valley Builders is proud to announce we have been awarded TWO additional JOCs this year for the first time ever – at UNIVERSITIES! We are overjoyed to share that we have been awarded both the NAU JOC as well as the ASU JOC, and are excited to expand our knowledge and expertise at the university level. We hold ourselves to high esteem with our experience in Job Order Contracting methods within the Arizona K-12 market sector and cannot wait to start building our new lasting relationships at these universities.

Irene Lopez

Sun Valley Builders and DLR Group teamed up with the Roosevelt School District for the interior remodel and site courtyard addition at Irene Lopez Elementary School. The interior of the library was completely gutted and built back into a beautiful makerspace learning area. The art room consisted of a complete remodel too, with a new beautiful operable glass wall to split the space to allow additional innovated learning space. The courtyard addition included concrete flatwork, concrete seat walls, a new shade canopy, and an inviting landscape design to pull the outdoor space together and create a unique environment for the students and staff.

Time for a change

The past 10 years have been great, but now it’s time to truly turn Our Visions Into Our Reality! We are excited to announce that Sun Valley Builders is in the process of rebranding! With the expansion of the company growing and evolving over the years, we’ve decided to re-define our brand to reflect who Sun Valley Builders is today. We plan for this to fully take effect in 2024, in honor of Sun Valley Builders’ 10 year anniversary. Starting January 1st, 2024 keep an eye out for a new website, a new logo, new swag, but what will not change is our culture and our work ethic that our team members have become familiar with!