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We have worked with and developed excellent relationships with local subcontractors and specialty subcontractors available in the Arizona Market. As a direct result of our implementation of proprietary subcontractor management methods; Sun Valley Builders receives superior cooperation from the subcontractor base here in Phoenix. Along with our management processes, our respect for our subcontractors and acknowledgement of their importance creates a win-win environment where quality schedule, and budget adherence are always met.

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Sun Valley Builders will always award contracts to subcontractors based on their quality and price together, but never price alone!

Please fill out the information form to start our Subcontractor Pre-qualification Process. Once finished, an email will be sent over to your designated contact person. Thank you for wanting to join our team.

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“I’ve been a trade partner with Sun Valley Builders since 2018 and for good reason. The communication is easily streamlined from Owner to Project Manager, Project Manager to Superintendent, then to the guys in the field. Because of this, my team can work with integrity knowing that their SVB Superintendent has everything accessible for my team to produce a safe, productive, and on schedule job. I’m looking forward to working with Sun Valley Builders for the many more years to come.”

– RKS Plumbing and Mechanical, Inc


“On behalf of the entire A.C.E. team, I can speak to the fact that we all enjoy our partnership with Sun Valley Builders. It’s easy to recognize that the leadership in Sun Valley Builders is strong, yet they bring a level of meekness to the game, a skill too often overlooked. Because of this, my team is respected and valued on their sites which allows them to perform above and beyond what is required.”

– Associated Construction Enterprises, Inc.


“I enjoy my line of work because of the individuals I get to work alongside with. Sun Valley Builders has that sphere of influence that reminds me why I enjoy what I do. They bring a level of professionalism that ensures confidence a job will be lead well, yet a level of knowledge and expertise that a job will be done right the first time around. I highly recommend Sun Valley Builders if you’re in the market for a General Contractor specializing in the K-12 and higher education sectors.”

– Progressive Services


“My partnership with Sun Valley Builders is unique because of the friendships created and the level of respect given and received. Being a company that focuses on safety, specifically the safety of children, it was easy to choose Sun Valley Builders as my General Contractor to carry out my vision. In a world unpredictable, there’s one thing for certain; Sun Valley Builders is reputable because of their intrinsic commitment for safety, security, and community.”

– Safe Haven Defense