Sun Valley Builders has established well-working relationships with many of the top design firms in the valley. Through the service of design assist, we work in tandem with an Architect or Designer we have contracted and provide input from a contracting point of view.

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We start with all of our employees having IVP Fingerprint Clearance Cards. We ensure our clients that all of our personnel onsite are top notch! Our experience includes delivering Job Order Contracting services to various public entity types including School Districts,  Higher Education, and Local, State and Federal Agencies. Sun Valley currently carries three cooperative contracts: 1GPA, Greater Phoenix Purchasing Consortium of Schools "GPPCS", and Strategic Alliance for Volume Expenditures "S.A.V.E".

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Sun Valley Builders believes that successful CM at Risk projects are products of successful management. We staff your project with skilled, knowledgeable people who have proven records of accomplishment in the construction industry. When construction begins, we identify the long lead-time items, let major subcontracts, and work with our subcontractors & suppliers to establish feasible construction schedules.

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Sun Valley is searching for experienced Project Superintendents with J.O.C and New Construction project knowledge. Feel free to spread the word! 

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Sun Valley wants to help build the community one presentation at a time! We offer an informational presentation to user groups for their local subcontractors who are interested in expanding their market sectors. 

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Turning Your Visions Into Reality 

Let Us Turn Your Visions Into Reality

Sun Valley Builders has teamed up with Central Arizona Valley Institute of Technology and HistoricStreetscpaes, PLLC to assist in the Design and Construction of a new 4,736 Sq. Ft. Classroom Building! 

This project consists of tear down and removal of an old Greenhouse and to construct three new greenhouses for Mesa Community Colleges. This project is estimated to start in March 2019.


Subcontractor selection is one of the most critical components to a successful project. Sun Valley is a strong advocate for selecting subcontractors based on a combination of qualifications and price. Our subcontractor selection plan ensures timely awards to subcontractors and guarantees the best quality of work to our clients.

Sun Valley Builders was contracted by Phoenix Union High School District as a Design Build Contractor to remove three existing basketball courts on the East side of the campus and construct a new classroom addition. This building will house nine classrooms at Trevor Browne High School and designed by EMC2 Group Architects. Construction will be complete in early 2019.